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Page history last edited by Laima 8 years, 4 months ago

For my project I would like to make a musical remote. Attach a sensor to arduino to capture infrared waves radiating from the remote and play random melodies that would generate from the remote as a result. Different channels would have different melodies.




Monday 23 April 2012


Today, what is the current highest risk part of your project?

     Figuring out how to program my device.


what is your plan to alleviate that risk?

     Try and figure out the code.


what is you plan to do for/in next class?

     Get the songs programmed as far as I can. Start creating a little box for it.


what actually happened?

I don't know...


What will you do before the next class meeting?

     View the plan for next class above


What problems did you run in to

     The notes dont seem to correspond to actual real life notes. I dont know if its midi or not.


What is your plan forward?

      Keep working hard.


what parts, information, and assistance do you need ?

     Figure out if its using MIDI



May 2


-Arduino is not working for some weird reason. I don't know what to do. It suddenly started failing. Problem still unsolved. Im going to try and redo the project before show is due.


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