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Wed April 11

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UPDATE (10:30 am)


Sensors for lip and bottom of the cup totally scrapped. Instead I will need to use a waterflow sensor and an arduino with wifi in the top housing of a portable coffee container to communicate to a wifi receiving arduino wirelessly.


Alternatively to uploading stored data wirelessly, it will also work to just create a usb port for the housing of the coffee cup to transfer the stored data to computer whenever.


Research Wifi Shields and purchase the smallest, and most efficient wifi component and shield. (2x Wifi modules needed/receive & transmit) 




Wednesday, April 11


Sketches below shows how I envisioned the cup to work. 

It feels like a fairly basic Idea that can be evolved into a great product one day.


the purpose of this project: to be able to collect and keep record of data on daily consumed liquids, ideally water, but I imagine it could be for anything anyone water to get information on, ie. (how much coffee a day, tea, etc.).


The Water Reading Container


Basic Project Overview

The water container is envisioned to be something that could be integrated in water bottles in the future and be used to record and collect data on liquid intake so that the user can either reduce or increase consumption of a liquid to increase overall health or to just keep a record of the times a day liquids are consumed and what temperture, etc.The data will be collected and visualized via iphone/ipad/computer app. 


The container will contain 2 sensors that communicate wirelessly to Arduino, who sends data to computer / (eventually iphone app) The data helps the user record and keep track of how much liquids are consumed.


More About the 2 Sensors

the 1st Sensor will be housed in/near the lip of the container and the 2nd sensor at the base of the container (as illustrated below/attached.)


1st Sensor = acts as a switch when water passes and stops passing by. 

2nd Sensor = measures remaining volume of liquid in container and sends data wirelessly.


1st Sensor

The way the 1st Sensor works (The sensor placed in the lip of the container) will act as a on and off switch.

I envision that this sensor will be detect when liquid passes the spout of the container (as a person tilts cup to drink) and when the water retracts back ( as cup is tilted back to upright position) the 1st sensor sends a signal to arduino telling arduino to then use the


2nd Sensor

2nd sensor at the base of the container to take a measurement reading of how much liquids is in the container. Arduino then calculates the difference of the present reading of liquid verses the most recent reading and sends the data to the iphone, telling the user how much liquid has been consumed. 







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